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 1 avatar AssorianDon't bother me, or I'll kill you.19/03/15Today at 19:34770 Send privat besked   
 2 avatar RazorYou broke me, shattered me into a million pieces.03/03/16Today at 19:251430 Send privat besked   
 3 avatar Fenrer LeidolfAfhænger af dagen, er ikke mariehønen evig glad eller dværgen gnavpot.13/10/17Today at 19:1727 Send privat besked   
 4 avatar Kiraret normal24/03/17Today at 19:15199 Send privat besked   
 5 avatar KairiLykkelig <307/08/12Today at 19:05922 Send privat besked   
 6 avatar Vánagandr“Be wise today, so you don't cry tomorrow.” & ''The purity of the hunt, never states my apetite''06/07/15Today at 18:58532 Send privat besked   
 7 avatar MilesI was told that evil is only something that existed in fairy-tales. Yet I was gravely mistaken. 22/08/17Today at 17:225 Send privat besked   
 8 avatar Emanuel;)14/10/17Today at 17:191 Send privat besked   
 9 avatar ClaanFor det meste godt. 05/04/17Today at 17:0392 Send privat besked   
 10 avatar AlaneLet the world crash and burn.... I'm not going down without a fight!26/12/11Today at 16:301789 Send privat besked   
 11 avatar Sean14/12/11Today at 14:408921 Send privat besked   
 12 avatar Eliza C.why do you care?09/10/17Today at 14:234 Send privat besked   
 13 avatar LoriBliver beskrevet i profilteksten 18/05/16Today at 12:50665 Send privat besked   
 14 avatar LydiaRædselslagen 23/08/15Today at 12:33108 Send privat besked   
 15 avatar ArdalThe Wolfs among us will rise agian05/08/17Today at 2:372 Send privat besked   
 16 avatar SierraMad? Mad? MAD? 07/05/16Today at 2:2731 Send privat besked   
 17 avatar SajroTouch nature... and I will kill you with this branch!!!15/12/11Today at 0:526305 Send privat besked  http://www.sajro.org 
 18 avatar SIRTIMMUndersøgende men glad.11/04/16Today at 0:0193 Send privat besked   
 19 avatar RavenVi er hvad vi tænker. Det vi er, er resultatet af det vi har tænkt. Vi skaber verden ud fra vores tanker. 20/07/17Yesterday at 23:4231 Send privat besked   
 20 avatar JazminJust be you. 08/02/14Yesterday at 21:561132 Send privat besked   
 21 avatar GilWhat are you laughing at?09/09/17Yesterday at 20:1966 Send privat besked   
 22 avatar Levi25/08/17Yesterday at 18:400 Send privat besked   
 23 avatar AlítheiaDon't say some persons can't be used to anything good... even bad peeople can be used as a bad example, and that is a good thing29/12/11Yesterday at 16:311858 Send privat besked   
 24 avatar Armelia18/10/17Yesterday at 13:030 Send privat besked   
 25 avatar CamilleWaiting for the World to turn...03/03/14Tors 19 okt - 22:28452 Send privat besked   
 26 avatar GauthamAlcohol is poison, - then why you dring it? - Because there are things insite of me that I need to kill12/12/16Tors 19 okt - 20:21214 Send privat besked   
 27 avatar Semira22/09/17Tors 19 okt - 19:100 Send privat besked   
 28 avatar SeleneShe loved the sea. She liked the sharp salty smell of the air, and the vastness of the horizons bounded only by a vault of azure sky above. It made her feel small, but free as well16/02/14Tors 19 okt - 18:081448 Send privat besked   
 29 avatar MeredithI have been brutalized with loss and it has made me brutal in return. There is no going back from this moment23/05/17Tors 19 okt - 17:4952 Send privat besked   
 30 avatar JakeLige så stort som han er høj19/04/17Tors 19 okt - 17:06175 Send privat besked   
 31 avatar NancyForvirret.15/04/14Tors 19 okt - 16:54323 Send privat besked   
 32 avatar Marcus12/06/12Tors 19 okt - 16:16324 Send privat besked   
 33 avatar DelilahBeing left alone, with my mind, is actually quite dangerous.19/01/13Tors 19 okt - 16:153537 Send privat besked   
 34 avatar LilithAdventurous19/04/17Tors 19 okt - 16:1490 Send privat besked   
 35 avatar DamienWhy the fuck do you care?14/10/17Tors 19 okt - 14:526 Send privat besked   
 36 avatar KaceLook out, I'm wearing my sassy pants today!17/11/16Tors 19 okt - 6:0158 Send privat besked   
 37 avatar ReignIt wasn't love at first sight, exactly.12/04/16Ons 18 okt - 21:23873 Send privat besked   
 38 avatar MyraIf the face falls off, you have to free the butterflies22/03/15Ons 18 okt - 21:19289 Send privat besked   
 39 avatar SalomonIt's a thankless job.. But somebody got to do it!21/04/17Ons 18 okt - 16:040 Send privat besked   
 40 avatar AristarkhTouch me and find out... 08/10/16Ons 18 okt - 15:540 Send privat besked   
 41 avatar NataliePlayful.14/06/17Ons 18 okt - 0:0228 Send privat besked   
 42 avatar Kai12/09/14Tirs 17 okt - 21:57112 Send privat besked   
 43 avatar SachinEmbrace the glorious mess that you are17/07/17Tirs 17 okt - 21:0429 Send privat besked   
 44 avatar EmeryHeadache. Always a headache.05/06/17Tirs 17 okt - 15:3087 Send privat besked   
 45 avatar AngelicaOne drop in an ocean is still more than none. 16/05/17Tirs 17 okt - 12:3327 Send privat besked   
 46 avatar Rafaelasvingende19/01/13Man 16 okt - 13:495754 Send privat besked   
 47 avatar TatiaI made it through all this. Everything I’ve been through, was not for you. It was for me.27/11/15Søn 15 okt - 20:36634 Send privat besked   
 48 avatar VetisMad...? Honey, what's truly mad is this world and those within it who claim to be "normal"12/08/17Søn 15 okt - 19:2540 Send privat besked   
 49 avatar ConnorKeep running and you will survive another day06/06/16Søn 15 okt - 19:1531 Send privat besked   
 50 avatar RacoI give my respect to those there deserve it .27/04/16Søn 15 okt - 19:05171 Send privat besked