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 1 avatar ReignIt wasn't love at first sight, exactly.12/04/16Today at 21:19763 Send privat besked   
 2 avatar LoriBliver beskrevet i profilteksten 18/05/16Today at 21:17503 Send privat besked   
 3 avatar CimberlieLife is much more fun when you have a poison tongue12/09/16Today at 21:1745 Send privat besked   
 4 avatar NilleStars can't shine without darkness.31/10/12Today at 21:175041 Send privat besked   
 5 avatar Sayra25/02/15Today at 21:1291 Send privat besked   
 6 avatar MeredithI am like a soldier if you touch my land or in this case my girls I fight you to the death and I am not going to lose the risk is far greater than Anything I ever known. I don't wanna lose another family so rather die, than see a other family ruined. I know my kind probably think it's wrong but I don't care if I die. I will be with the family I lost and still is haunting me23/05/17Today at 21:1133 Send privat besked   
 7 avatar RazorYou broke me, shattered me into a million pieces.03/03/16Today at 21:011204 Send privat besked   
 8 avatar LilithAdventurous19/04/17Today at 20:5949 Send privat besked   
 9 avatar Tatia Slip yu kripa daun taim yu stomba raun. (Slay your demons while you're awake.)27/11/15Today at 20:46601 Send privat besked   
 10 avatar Ethan"But hunters belong in the wild, out there if you wanne live you better have a quick shoot or a sharp blade., lot of us are loners, but thats not the only path, some of us know the change a clan can make."13/04/15Today at 20:32164 Send privat besked   
 11 avatar Nella „Sick of crying. Tired of trying. Yes I'm smiling, but inside I'm dying.“08/02/14Today at 20:291000 Send privat besked   
 12 avatar SeleneSometimes, you just have to get a little bit lost until you end up where you want to be.16/02/14Today at 20:221398 Send privat besked   
 13 avatar RyderAs bad as losing faith in humanity might seem, losing faith in happy endings is much worse.07/02/16Today at 19:484 Send privat besked   
 14 avatar Sean14/12/11Today at 17:438751 Send privat besked   
 15 avatar EmeryHeadache. Always a headache.05/06/17Today at 17:339 Send privat besked   
 16 avatar AaronFine, thanks for asking.25/01/13Today at 17:19286 Send privat besked   
 17 avatar Taliiameget normalt, dog med en god del drilskhed08/04/17Today at 16:52140 Send privat besked   
 18 avatar LuceFor det meste glad28/04/17Today at 16:1868 Send privat besked   
 19 avatar AlaneLet the world crash and burn.... I'm not going down without a fight!26/12/11Today at 15:351763 Send privat besked   
 20 avatar SajroTouch nature... and I will kill you with this branch!!!15/12/11Today at 14:116247 Send privat besked  http://www.sajro.org 
 21 avatar AlítheiaDon't say some persons can't be used to anything good... even bad peeople can be used as a bad example, and that is a good thing29/12/11Today at 12:101857 Send privat besked   
 22 avatar AmberEvery girl in my age wish to be a princess, but the only thing I wish is to be free and make my own choices 05/05/17Today at 3:5820 Send privat besked   
 23 avatar AssorianDon't bother me, or I will kill you.19/03/15Today at 2:27746 Send privat besked   
 24 avatar AnnaIt can go from good to bad.. depends01/12/12Today at 0:45379 Send privat besked   
 25 avatar NataliePlayful.14/06/17Today at 0:070 Send privat besked   
 26 avatar DemiahI think this is mine04/09/15Yesterday at 23:1544 Send privat besked   
 27 avatar TenebrousPhlegmatical, cold and calculating30/04/17Yesterday at 21:5010 Send privat besked   
 28 avatar KaceLook out, I'm wearing my sassy pants today!17/11/16Yesterday at 21:0530 Send privat besked   
 29 avatar Vánagandr“Be wise today so you don't cry tomorrow.”06/07/15Yesterday at 20:39523 Send privat besked   
 30 avatar Marcus12/06/12Yesterday at 19:36320 Send privat besked   
 31 avatar ReeceChilling, Killing.03/07/15Yesterday at 18:580 Send privat besked   
 32 avatar LucileWhen you’ve found the right one - when you see him, when you’re with him - you’ll feel like you’re coming home.23/07/16Yesterday at 18:28194 Send privat besked   
 33 avatar NicholasWhen you are unsure if you stepped over the line between good and evil, you already have.25/12/16Yesterday at 16:07259 Send privat besked   
 34 avatar HaruA smile a day, keeps the doctors away14/04/17Yesterday at 14:1870 Send privat besked   
 35 avatar DamienEvery picture tells a story. Sometimes we don't like the ending. Sometimes we don't understand it.15/10/14Yesterday at 14:18119 Send privat besked   
 36 avatar LydiaRædselslagen 23/08/15Yesterday at 2:5395 Send privat besked   
 37 avatar SIRTIMMUndersøgende men glad.11/04/16Yesterday at 2:2354 Send privat besked   
 38 avatar Faith“I think it’s a good thing for a girl to be sexy. When I heard people calling me sexy, I asked if that’s a bad thing but it’s not! In a way it’s my strength, so I think I should be proud of it and have confidence in what I do.”18/06/16Yesterday at 2:1933 Send privat besked   
 39 avatar Matthew22/12/14Yesterday at 0:35101 Send privat besked   
 40 avatar SnowFeisty01/04/17Man 26 jun - 20:150 Send privat besked   
 41 avatar Valeria“You will not win. For every human you save, I will kill a million more. Do you honestly believe that I don’t have a plan B? And if that fails, a plan C, then a plan D and we all know how the alphabet works."26/12/13Man 26 jun - 17:40168 Send privat besked   
 42 avatar AngelicaOne drop in an ocean is still more than none. 16/05/17Man 26 jun - 10:4923 Send privat besked   
 43 avatar AccaliaI was like a wave on the shore, I always run to you, But you’re the one who broke me to pieces. Yet, I still keep running into your arms..23/05/16Man 26 jun - 10:3212 Send privat besked   
 44 avatar ElenaHow chaotic your soul is, darling?31/03/17Man 26 jun - 10:2119 Send privat besked   
 45 avatar AndreaThrow me to the wolves, and I will return leading the pack.27/02/14Man 26 jun - 9:50318 Send privat besked   
 46 avatar MarkosLet me work goddamnit!08/08/15Man 26 jun - 2:2656 Send privat besked   
 47 avatar Caroline“She walks on memories of dead bodies And feeds her soul with screams of the dead It doesn’t matter how old she is Or how much she is suffering Because in everyone’s eyes She’s immortal.”12/01/14Søn 25 jun - 20:53508 Send privat besked   
 48 avatar CalebSwift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Strong as a bear. Fierce as a wolverine. Fear cuts deeper than swords. The man who fears losing has already lost. Fear cuts deeper than swords.“05/04/15Søn 25 jun - 20:5263 Send privat besked   
 49 avatar AudreyFighting for freedom is useless. There’ll be always something caging you, like gravity attaching you to the ground, making you unable to fly.22/09/12Søn 25 jun - 20:491219 Send privat besked   
 50 avatar Katlin"We're at war and a warrior does not mourn those she's lost till after the battle is won."08/11/15Søn 25 jun - 20:4852 Send privat besked