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 1 avatar NerthuzSarcasm is my only defense - like seriously, I'm fucked01/09/16Today at 21:1422 Send privat besked   
 2 avatar HaruA smile a day, keeps the doctors away14/04/17Today at 21:1477 Send privat besked   
 3 avatar VetisMad...? Honey, what's truly mad is this world and those who claims to be "normal"12/08/17Today at 21:14113 Send privat besked   
 4 avatar Malte29/04/18Today at 21:1331 Send privat besked   
 5 avatar Sean14/12/11Today at 21:139103 Send privat besked   
 6 avatar CelesteSome rise by sin whilst others fall by virtue16/04/18Today at 21:130 Send privat besked   
 7 avatar Elizabeth08/02/14Today at 21:131300 Send privat besked   
 8 avatar ChesterWhat's wrong with a little chaos?31/07/16Today at 21:1346 Send privat besked   
 9 avatar ValentineMoney makes the world go around... it also makes me drop my pants06/05/18Today at 21:131 Send privat besked   
 10 avatar GaleWanna test it, punk?22/05/18Today at 21:102 Send privat besked   
 11 avatar RavenVi er hvad vi tænker. Det vi er, er resultatet af det vi har tænkt. Vi skaber verden ud fra vores tanker. 20/07/17Today at 21:0432 Send privat besked   
 12 avatar NephthysDarling, I'm like the river of Styx - very wet, and without mercy. 28/07/12Today at 20:522843 Send privat besked   
 13 avatar AssorianDon't bother me, or I'll kill you.19/03/15Today at 20:49790 Send privat besked   
 14 avatar JakeLige så stort som han er høj19/04/17Today at 20:34185 Send privat besked   
 15 avatar Akio15/04/18Today at 20:211 Send privat besked   
 16 avatar AllistorYou never saw me, alright laddie?25/05/18Today at 20:081 Send privat besked   
 17 avatar GauthamAlcohol is poison, - then why you dring it? - Because there are things insite of me that I need to kill12/12/16Today at 20:03305 Send privat besked   
 18 avatar Larliimeget normalt04/04/17Today at 19:4545 Send privat besked   
 19 avatar FenrerAfhænger af dagen, er hverken mariehønen evig glad eller dværgen gnavpot. Han er dog ved at blive mere aggressiv, som han overgår til skinwalker..13/10/17Today at 19:04347 Send privat besked   
 20 avatar KaisaHumanity is not perfect in any fashion; no more in the case of evil than in that of good. The criminal has his virtues, just as the honest man has his weaknesses.06/05/16Today at 18:4529 Send privat besked   
 21 avatar Marcus12/06/12Today at 17:36336 Send privat besked   
 22 avatar SajroTouch nature... and I will kill you with this branch!!!15/12/11Today at 17:276317 Send privat besked   
 23 avatar SIRTIMMUndersøgende men glad.11/04/16Today at 16:43101 Send privat besked   
 24 avatar LilithAdventurous19/04/17Today at 16:3090 Send privat besked   
 25 avatar LoriBliver beskrevet i profilteksten 18/05/16Today at 16:11818 Send privat besked   
 26 avatar LuxLet the game begin15/04/18Today at 15:3634 Send privat besked   
 27 avatar AlítheiaDon't say some persons can't be used to anything good... even bad peeople can be used as a bad example, and that is a good thing29/12/11Today at 14:381860 Send privat besked   
 28 avatar AlthornHe who is cruel to nature becomes hard also in his dealings with men. We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of nature.01/05/18Today at 13:2241 Send privat besked   
 29 avatar RazorYou broke me, shattered me into a million pieces.03/03/16Today at 13:091448 Send privat besked   
 30 avatar BriannaTja 12/08/16Today at 11:4579 Send privat besked   
 31 avatar MikeDo you think, because I am poor, obscure, plain and little, I am soulless and heartless? You think wrong! - I have as much soul as you, - and full as much heart! And if God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I should have made it as hard for you to leave me, as it is now for me to leave you!27/04/18Today at 11:329 Send privat besked   
 32 avatar Kiraret normal24/03/17Today at 11:32279 Send privat besked   
 33 avatar Valerya'' No matter how hard you fell, never give up on something you love. '' 13/05/18Today at 10:510 Send privat besked   
 34 avatar CodyDo you need my help to something?27/04/16Yesterday at 23:47119 Send privat besked   
 35 avatar Eliza C.why do you care?09/10/17Yesterday at 23:346 Send privat besked   
 36 avatar MicahEverything looks better in red. 27/04/18Yesterday at 22:4327 Send privat besked   
 37 avatar AmberEvery girl in my age wish to be a princess, but the only thing I wish is to be free and make my own choices 05/05/17Yesterday at 22:4328 Send privat besked   
 38 avatar Rollo04/05/16Yesterday at 21:198 Send privat besked   
 39  Raco25/05/18Yesterday at 20:233 Send privat besked   
 40 avatar KatrinaGlad og venlig sjæl, nemt til smil og latter.10/07/17Yesterday at 19:2962 Send privat besked   
 41 avatar April27/04/18Yesterday at 17:5045 Send privat besked   
 42 avatar SamuelIt is a very natural human trait to destroy that which frightens us.06/05/18Yesterday at 17:497 Send privat besked   
 43 avatar Alexandra13/05/18Yesterday at 14:262 Send privat besked   
 44 avatar Arandir"I dont believe in no devil"06/05/16Yesterday at 11:5734 Send privat besked   
 45  Dominika13/05/18Fre 25 maj - 20:135 Send privat besked   
 46 avatar Angellina30/04/18Fre 25 maj - 20:1321 Send privat besked   
 47 avatar AncalagonI got a taste for you..06/01/14Fre 25 maj - 15:46894 Send privat besked   
 48 avatar Taliiameget normalt, dog med en god del drilskhed08/04/17Fre 25 maj - 10:44179 Send privat besked   
 49 avatar Misha"There's a lot people forget to appreciate. Such as the elegant pain of a superficial wound."14/04/18Fre 25 maj - 0:1468 Send privat besked   
 50 avatar Obi-WanRolig, lyttende og har humor20/04/16Tors 24 maj - 23:20102 Send privat besked