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 151 avatar JuliusWhen everything goes wrong... "Balls!"24/07/17Fre 20 jul - 22:4715 Send privat besked   
 152 avatar AaronFine, thanks for asking.25/01/13Fre 20 jul - 19:45300 Send privat besked   
 153 avatar CarrieVerden er da ikke så stor igen, er den?17/10/13Tirs 17 jul - 19:36140 Send privat besked   
 154 avatar LithraAi giv ai op gon nemiyon kom lanik-de (I give myself to the miracle of the sea)26/09/16Fre 13 jul - 1:257 Send privat besked   
 155 avatar AutumnWe were created to rule, my love. And the blood of mankind will water our garden. Us and our kin, and our children, and our generations. We are the conquerors. We are the pure blood. We are steel and sinew both. We are the next thousand years. We are the dead. 20/05/16Tors 5 jul - 0:3930 Send privat besked   
 156 avatar AugrúDu ser ham næsten altid glad, men pis ham af og du er godt, som død.16/05/17Tirs 3 jul - 22:2817 Send privat besked   
 157 avatar CetinHappy30/06/15Tirs 3 jul - 22:1527 Send privat besked   
 158 avatar Arodeth“We women bear heavy burdens, but it is not to be helped. And even when we are dealt with harshly, remember it is the Gods who have woven our destinies, not ourselves.”16/08/15Ons 27 jun - 22:2653 Send privat besked   
 159 avatar NiklausTja, det jo det som er spørgsmålet, og tøre du finde ud af det, så bare kom04/06/18Søn 24 jun - 21:073 Send privat besked   
 160 avatar AltheaMischievous10/10/16Søn 24 jun - 1:2544 Send privat besked   
 161 avatar SamuelIt is a very natural human trait to destroy that which frightens us.06/05/18Søn 17 jun - 16:227 Send privat besked   
 162 avatar JosetteThe ability to end your pain is a warriors true weapon. Master that, and nothing holds power over you.01/02/14Fre 15 jun - 3:53408 Send privat besked   
 163 avatar AnselKom og leg21/07/15Ons 13 jun - 21:5116 Send privat besked   
 164 avatar Sayra“A mask of gold hides all deformities.”25/02/15Søn 10 jun - 2:47215 Send privat besked   
 165 avatar Kibum*^* 06/07/15Lør 2 jun - 14:04137 Send privat besked   
 166 avatar OscarAlletiders!13/06/15Lør 2 jun - 14:0499 Send privat besked   
 167 avatar KairiLykkelig <307/08/12Tors 31 maj - 11:57922 Send privat besked   
 168 avatar NiylahAi laik Heda non na throu daun gon ai (I’m commander, no one fights for me)03/04/16Man 28 maj - 23:11134 Send privat besked   
 169 avatar GianettaWant to live a long life, don't bother me15/06/16Tors 24 maj - 22:370 Send privat besked   
 170 avatar MaijaYou can throw me to the wolves - Tomorrow I will come back - Leader of the whole pack18/03/16Ons 23 maj - 22:263 Send privat besked   
 171  Lalalala21/05/18Man 21 maj - 11:050 Send privat besked   
 172 avatar Regnarvery dark08/09/17Søn 20 maj - 13:3922 Send privat besked   
 173 avatar MajseSkiftende13/04/18Lør 12 maj - 13:177 Send privat besked   
 174 avatar Rinaya13/07/16Fre 11 maj - 16:26127 Send privat besked   
 175 avatar Faylinn03/05/18Ons 9 maj - 9:300 Send privat besked   
 176  Vados"Emotions are never black and white, they’re more like symptoms. You lose your breath every time they enter a room. Your heart beats faster when they walk by. Your skin tingles when they stand close enough to feel their breath."03/05/18Tirs 8 maj - 13:260 Send privat besked   
 177 avatar MeredithI have been brutalized with loss and it has made me brutal in return. There is no going back from this moment23/05/17Lør 5 maj - 22:3652 Send privat besked   
 178 avatar Luga02/05/18Fre 4 maj - 21:410 Send privat besked   
 179 avatar LuceFor det meste glad28/04/17Fre 4 maj - 8:5184 Send privat besked   
 180 avatar Semira22/09/17Tors 3 maj - 22:570 Send privat besked   
 181 avatar WillWhen the rich wage war, it's the poor who die.31/08/16Ons 2 maj - 20:062 Send privat besked   
 182 avatar NancyForvirret.15/04/14Ons 2 maj - 13:51323 Send privat besked   
 183 avatar JakiraTo whom do I owe the biggest apology? No one’s been crueller than I’ve been to me.08/09/16Ons 2 maj - 6:3938 Send privat besked   
 184 avatar Miss SmithLige nu Glad tror jeg03/02/16Tirs 1 maj - 14:21106 Send privat besked   
 185 avatar Warric15/04/18Søn 29 apr - 18:210 Send privat besked   
 186 avatar MorierA small step is always to put the first brick towards a Kingdom07/01/15Søn 29 apr - 15:13262 Send privat besked   
 187 avatar MirabellaIt isn't what we say or think that defines us, but what we do.08/07/15Lør 28 apr - 14:4444 Send privat besked   
 188 avatar AryciaEndelig kan jeg give mig selv lov til at være lykkelig20/12/12Lør 28 apr - 0:19975 Send privat besked   
 189 avatar ValerieThey say we aren't born evil, and it is true.. but we still stay evil.. I guess that speaks for itself.28/08/15Ons 25 apr - 12:5913 Send privat besked   
 190 avatar CalebSwift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Strong as a bear. Fierce as a wolverine. Fear cuts deeper than swords. The man who fears losing has already lost. Fear cuts deeper than swords.“05/04/15Tirs 24 apr - 22:3792 Send privat besked   
 191 avatar NoaMen fight great, but woman are greater fighers.02/03/14Tirs 24 apr - 22:35120 Send privat besked   
 192 avatar Valeria“You will not win. For every human you save, I will kill a million more. Do you honestly believe that I don’t have a plan B? And if that fails, a plan C, then a plan D and we all know how the alphabet works."26/12/13Tirs 24 apr - 22:13171 Send privat besked   
 193 avatar DrommonKommer an på hvad du skal købe til hvilken pris29/10/17Tors 19 apr - 19:2313 Send privat besked   
 194 avatar HarryI saved you.. and you betray me as a thanks??..,08/03/16Tors 19 apr - 15:2374 Send privat besked   
 195 avatar AlessioDer er ikke meget at beskrive 24/04/15Ons 18 apr - 10:07139 Send privat besked   
 196 avatar Feltzdigging up some old emotions, HAH, get it.... cause ya know... digging, and im a miner?15/04/18Søn 15 apr - 22:060 Send privat besked   
 197 avatar Lenorncalm like a southern breeze21/01/17Søn 15 apr - 20:591 Send privat besked   
 198 avatar OdetteKill or be killed06/08/15Tors 12 apr - 7:1853 Send privat besked   
 199 avatar VergilHumanity is not perfect in any fashion; no more in the case of evil than in that of good. The criminal has his virtues, just as the honest man has his weaknesses.16/03/17Lør 31 mar - 11:263 Send privat besked   
 200  Valentina16/03/18Søn 25 mar - 1:040 Send privat besked