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Woops - Nicholas

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Woops - Nicholas

Indlæg by Gæst on Tors 13 apr - 22:49

Place: Nicholas' residence.
Time: Present time, mid April, 1161.
Time a day: Late evening after sundown.
Surroundings: Nicholas' study.
Weather: Not a single cloud in the sky.
Topic to: @Nicholas <3
Note: The title can mean two things. The fact that I just made this in 10 minutes or what's happening in the topic xD

All in the meanwhile of the ongoing events, Moon had been in a still zone. She had just wandered anxiously around. Seeing that last time she saw Lucile and Nicholas, Langdon ended up dying and Moon sought out her sister to kill her, she quickly came to terms with sparing her life. After all, she loved Lucile to some extent, and the child was more than precious to Moon. She would in any case murder Lucile if it was because she were to lose the child. Other than that, there was no actual reason for Moon to harm her.
This evening didn’t really turn out as planned. Or what was planned? With heavy steps, she wandered the streets. With clothes and hair thoroughly soaked in blood. She wasn’t sure how it had happened. Another one of her many blackouts filled with the insane side of her. She hated it – The killing that she couldn’t control. But how could she know that she had killed anyone? Well the just as blood covered knife in her belt was a pretty good indicator. She couldn’t go home. She was too much of a mess. Her head was hurting so bad too.
It was only pure luck that the blackout had led her to Rotten Root district. Or maybe that side of her had it planned all along? She didn’t know that side of her, not personally. Only that it was the real shadow creature that had lived inside her and collected all the bad stuff that she had been through. Everything kept locked and secured inside, right until she broke her one and only promise – To never kill. It didn’t matter that the victim was a shadow creature as well. The death was real, the woman did die, even if she was brought back by Assorian again right after, action out ruled the outcome.
She just barged in, after all she was a sister in law. That gave her some sort of privilege, didn’t it? She stumbled on her way into the study, stopping herself from falling by planting both her palms on the table. She exhaled deeply with a slight tremble as the anger at herself rushed through her. She was basically radiating negativity. Then she shook her head as she carefully stood up, then to notice if he was there or not, if he was, he would be able to notice the quick change in her behaviour.
A slight smile went over her face as she moved some of the blood soaked strands of hair out of her face. “I need to talk to you… About something.” She then said with a more collected voice, the anger slowly loosening from her spine as a bad shiver. But she couldn't just pretend like nothing had happened, not if he had witnessed her almost losing it. She exhaled deeply, feeling her insides ache at what she was about to say. “I did something really bad.. And I don’t know what it is.” She admitted with a sad tone. “I’m so tired of killing people… Or not knowing if I have or haven't - Just killing in general. I don’t want to be like this anymore.


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Re: Woops - Nicholas

Indlæg by Gæst on Fre 14 apr - 19:07

The nights since he came home were busy and as stressful as ever, constantly something happening, while the days were like his prison time, condemned to stay indoors. There had to be a way to be able to tolerate the sun, he had heard stories of those who could a long time ago, they couldn't have just been purely made up could they? If he could find out the reasoning why his body could not handle the sun, maybe he could find a way to fix it, there had to be an anatomically way of fixing it he could figure out. It would require a lot of testing and there was no way he was putting other people through that pain, and besides, he would need a vampire.

The sun hat set so it was time to head out, get stuff he would need, he had made sure his closest suppliers knew that he could only go out at night so they would leave dead drops for him to pick up. That was the one upside to Lucile not being here, to see what he was going to put himself through. After checking what he had in the lab, making sure he could actually come up with something when he had the supplies he went up to the living room and check some cabinets for a syringe that was supposed to be there. Just as he found the right place he picked it up to see the content, but as soon as he takes a look the door busts open and he sees someone shuffling over to the studies desk. He quickly puts the syringe back before slowly walking over to her, she was familiar, and by the looks of it she was hurt, if that wasn't someone else's blood of course, but then why would she come her if she didn't need stitching up?

The place was not really lit up as it used to be, after the transformation he had come to prefer the dark more, helped him concentrate. Then he noticed the hair, it was a familiar red hair under the blood, was it really her? He tilts his head as he approaches her. "Moon.. is that you?.." He says in a cautious voice. As soon as she turned towards him he sees the shift in behavior, like she was trying to hide the fact that she was breaking down from something, whether she was wounded or something had happened. But when the hair gets moved from her face he sees that it's really her, it was Moon, after all this time. He moved faster towards her. "Yeah of course, anything" He says with a serious and relieved tone. She was alright, after everything, he had been worried about her, even looked for her but to no avail. He listened to what she said, how she had killed people and how tired she was of it, the first thing that came to mind was the thing that took over her but there was no certainty that it was the reason she killed. Either way he didn't care that she had killed, not right now, neither had he forgotten what she was going to do last time they spoke, that did not matter either right now, she was alright, that was all that mattered right now. When he gets withing range he wraps his arms around her and hugs her tightly, like he was afraid she'd die if he let go. There were times he even came to that conclusion, she was a sister to him after all. "I'm so glad you're alright" He said with a relived and happy tone as his head was on he shoulder. She was clearly not alright, but she was alive and uninjured, the mind sounded like it was a mess, but that was fixable.

After some time he lets go of her and takes a few steps away to look at her, then walks over to the sofa and gestures her to sit down seeing as she looked exhausted. "Come sit, tell me everything, what happened?" He said with a more serious tone as the information was starting to sink in.


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Re: Woops - Nicholas

Indlæg by Gæst on Lør 15 apr - 0:33

When he hugged her, she clamped her arms around him, burying her face in his shoulder. She wanted to cry. She wanted to just let all her feelings out. But she knew that it wouldn’t end good. With Langdon gone, there was no anchor to keep her in place. Her emotions could end up getting the best of her. So it was better to suppress it, pretend like she had no emotions at all. Even though it was hard, it was so hard to pretend.
He sounded so happy and relieved to see her, but she didn’t understand. She wasn’t exactly in a representative state of mind, just barely clutching onto her own goodness. She sat down on the sofa and went quiet for a long time as she just stared empty out in the open of the room. Then she exhaled deeply, not looking at him at all as she spoke. “It’s glimpses… But not of myself.. It’s like watching myself. All the blood. I don’t even…. I don’t know how I killed them, I just did. They weren’t even dead when I left, one of them grabbed my leg… Pulled me back to my senses…” she said as her glance sled down on her lower leg, where a bloody handprint stuck to the dress.
She rubbed her eyes shortly before rubbing her whole face, hoping she could rub the images off her eyes. Just remove them from her sight and throw them away. She folded her hands as she leaned forward pressing her thumbs to her lips. Her hands were shaking, and she wasn’t sure whether it would be wise to continue or not. She then turned her face to look at Nicholas. “Where is Lucile? Why is she not with you?” she then asked, as she noticed the absence of her sister.
Even though she had noticed right away that he was different, she chose not to confront it. It didn’t matter to her anyway, people were changing constantly, so why would she be angry about it? “The baby… is it safe?” she blurted out as another one of her major concerns or distractions. Concerns and distractions were the same either way, depending on what the concern or distraction would be. She had come to realize that not being able to have a child of her own, biologically, had only sparked more of a need to have one. Her assumption was that it was just another one of those wanting what you can’t have scenarios. But it wasn’t about her either way. It was about Lucile and the baby.
Little did she know that all these thoughts and words about Lucile suddenly made her remember something. She gasped as she covered her mouth and stared ahead in the same direction as before. Then she looked at Nicholas with a surprised expression before getting up. She started shaking her head as she walked back and forth. “This is bad… really bad… really really bad. Oh my god, what are we gonna do? Nicholas, I know something. Something horrible.” She then said as she clenched her fists out of anger towards herself. “He’ll get her and rip her apart again… Like was she a doll… We can’t let him do that.


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Re: Woops - Nicholas

Indlæg by Gæst on Søn 16 apr - 18:32

When she sat down he threw some logs in the fireplace and light it on fire, none of them could really feel cold but it also brought some light and seeing as she didn't have the same eyes he had it was probably a bit better for her. Besides, a nice fire was always nice to have, if not for the warmth but just its therapeutic movement and sounds. Then as as she started to talk he walked over and sat down next to her, looking at the floor in front of her as he heard her out. At the end he noticed the hand print she was talking about, making it more real and visible in his head. The way she told him it sounded like that time way back at the camp, where she lost full control and seemed to become mad. Could this be the same? She did have a very traumatic event happen just as she left, and seeing as she fed on negative emotions that had to be the case.

He placed a hand on her shoulder and looks at her. "It's not you killing them, it's that thing, that took over you before. Sounds like a defense mechanism, taking over if something is too much to handle. That's what it sounds like at least. My point is that you are not responsible for what happens during those times, because its not you doing it." His voice has concern but also an almost cheerful tone, most likely because it was so good to see her again, she was family after all, and in times like these that was good to have close. He could see how much she was struggling, it showed on her behavior and shaking, so his hand went to her back and started stroking it, trying to comfort her.
But as soon as she mentioned Lucile his hand stopped and he moved it off her, placing it on the edge of the sofa while staring in to the fire a bit. His heart was aching, something he had hoped would stop now that it was dead, but apparently there was no upsides to having it so. "I don't know.." His voice was almost monotone, trying to mask his feelings. After everything that happened, after everything he put her through, and it was for nothing.. it made things worse than they were before, like usual when he tried helping her. When she mentioned the baby it was already in his head, she had started his worried again, his train of thoughts that had gone in circles many times already, leading nowhere. "I.. I don't know..." His voice was starting to tremble as it was getting harder to stay in control. As he feels his eyes get watery he stands back up before a tear rolls down, he walks to the fireplace and leans on the top part of it, looking down at the light that comes out.

He didn't want to think about this again, not because he didn't care, because he did, he did more than anything. But it never lead anywhere, he had looked, everywhere. There was nothing he could do but wait, and he hated it, that's why he tried to keep busy, avoiding to think about it the best he could. That's the only thing he could do to keep a busy mind, morphine wouldn't be the same as before now that he was dead, not that he would use it anyway because of what he promised. The only thing he could do was stay alive and try to be as ready as he could for when he had any information.
As she started to panic he turned around and looked at her with a worried expression, wondering what she was talking about. "What? What is it?" He said in a clearly worried voice. But when she mentioned Ramsay and the torture he remembered that it was the last thing they spoke of, how they would stop him. What a joke. His expression faded away again into nothingness as he turned around toward the fire again. "No he won't... not yet, he's having too much fun already.." He said in a emotionless tone. He let out a big sigh before continuing. " He already got her, not long after you left, and he had plenty of time to get her as well seeing as i was attacked and turned into.. this.. leaving me unable to do shit for a week. I went after her as soon as i could with some help, i should have gone sooner.. He removed her memories, she doesn't know any of us anymore.." He voice was getting conflicted between sadness and anger, but it was only getting worse. "Instead of keeping her safe and helping he recover her memories.. he went after him through Josette, and i got the wrong fifty percent. I..." He was about to tell her about how he lost his humanity for good, but that was his problem, not hers. "She had found Lucile before i got to her and apparently they are best friends now... So you see, they are having their fun, so there is no reason to split Lucile up just yet.." His voice was getting more on the angry side, most at himself for letting it happen, but also at the psycho couple for doing it.
This entire time he had been staring into the fire as he spoke, almost forgetting that Moon was there listening to him. But what could he say, there wasn't anything they could do, not in his mind, he had already tried thinking of everything and there was no solution, especially when he was jailed half the time. "I've put out word I'm looking for her, not that I'm expecting any answers.." His voice was pretty much hopeless, and it saddened him that he had to dump all of this on Moon, she deserved to know, but she didn't deserve to have all the worries that came with it..


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Re: Woops - Nicholas

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