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The truth will be found one way or another - Tera

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The truth will be found one way or another - Tera

Indlæg by Noa on Lør 15 apr - 17:59

Place: Terroville - Teras place
Time of day: Night
Surroundings: What there might be there
Weather: It rains a little
Outfit: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] <3

Miky didn't really want to step in this town. Her mother knew the truth, and Miky was sure that Caroline blamed herself for not saving her. Honesty? Mikayla blamed Caroline a little for that too, and River - and everyone. But she had used years to learn how Alycias body worked, because it was a whole new species. Mikayla just didn't expect, that another demon would come and be a part of this whole thing. Gladly Alycia was dead, so there was only memories left. Also one of the good things being in this body, a bad thing was this Clary girl who kept trying to get to her - trying to make her bow so she could control this body. Mikayla didn't really like that, but she had no idea how to find a balance in this. Anyway she ended up walking down the streets to find one special house. Some of Clarys memories finally got to her, and she was going to say something to one of her sisters - what or why, she had no idea. She was bad at the whole siblings thing, the closest she had to a sibling was Joshua. Family was not something she knew much about, yeah she had her mother - but their bond wasn't really that great. Not that Mikayla blamed Caroline for that, it wasn't really her fault that Mikaylas father was a psycho rapist? Mikayla hit herself mental as she walked up to the door. She could feel her heart skip a beat. Mikayla slightly knocked on the door, and could feel her head started to hurt. It wasn't out of hunger, because she just ate few hours ago. This was something else, it was like her brain exploded and emotions from an unknown place started to make her hands shake a little. But it was too late, she had already knocked on the door and she could already hear the footsteps come closer. Something in her was nervous almost freaked out, and another part just felt like a stranger here - and then there was the last part that craved it and needed to be here. The last part was the new girl, she could feel her sorrow and her pain - the darkness. It made Mikayla push herself a little to the side as the door opened.

Clary was relived to finally be able to move a bodypart, to be the one to inhaled the air. Clary needed to see Teras face, she needed to know how her littlesister was feeling - because she had no idea, how much time that had past - the feeling of losing track of time, of yourself - on everything was awful. She wanted to cry, she could even feel the burn in the eyes as the tears wanted to come out - but she could let them. Because there was no way Tera would believe this stranger had her sisters soul in her. Who would believe such thing?
"Hello," she said feeling her voice shake a little. Clary started folding her fingers, a thing she did when she was scared and needed someone - but was to afraid to ask for it. She needed a hug, a big one - but she also knew, she wasn't going to get it. "I'm here because... I.. I.," she tried to say something. She couldn't really just say; Hey i'm your sister. Or could she?

//Hoooooope it's okay <3 <3

We both know you can’t save me, but when the darkeness threatens to swallow me whole,
Please stay.
Stay and hold me close with everything you have.
I’m begging you to not let me fall victim to my own storms.


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