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Fire cannot kill a dragon - Ancalagon

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Fire cannot kill a dragon - Ancalagon

Indlæg by Andrea on Ons 19 apr - 18:58

[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] I tried <3

It was one of these lovely days, the sun had been shining all morning and the light still touched her skin with kisses. Andrea was walking around in town, sadly not many people were out this lovely day - or maybe they just were hiding in the park with the lake. If it wasn't for her daughter being home with her boyfriend, she would have taken Elena to the park - just to let her enjoy the water and maybe talk to some other kids. Unfortunately Andrea walked alone around with Lockheart nearby. Lockheart was always close to either Elena or Andrea - and right now it was Andrea who walked alone - and it was her dragon. Andrea was wearing a pair of black shorts and a tanktop with a leather jacked to cover her arms. The brown hair waved in this perfect shape, almost made people want to touch them - see if they were as soft as they looked. Not that Andrea would let anyone touch her, even after she wasn't a queen anymore. She still walked like a royal, or just with enough confidence - she didn't have to be a queen to do that, just herself. Lockheart hissed, which got her attention. Andrea looked up at her dragon, good thing she had her werewolf senses - it made it much more easy to hear him. Something triggered him to go in another direction - and Andrea ran after him as fast as she could. Andrea didn't have time for any trouble, not now.
"Lockheart! Stop," she yelled after her dragon - hated he sometimes was so hard to keep near. Not that he could harm anyone without her - in that way they were connected. Their fire was only able to be used, if they were together. Lockheart stopped, but not because of Andreas words - and it didn't take her long to realize that. He had the sense or a strong feeling of something - and the werewolf didn't knew what.
"What is it?" She asked with a lower voice. Again Lockheart hissed more angry then she ever had seen. What was it, any anger? Andreas wolfeyes started to show when her stronger senses got a strong unknown sense - and then it wasn't really that strange - it was like it was from another dragon - but still it wasn't. Andrea knew Lockheart' scent, it couldn't be him.
"Show yourself," she commanded with a strong voice. Lockheart started screaming, but more like a battlescream like he was ready to fight something. Lockheart wasn't a tiny dragon, he was at around the same size as a grown tiger - and he wasn't happy. Maybe because he could sense the competition around the corner and he didn't want anyone to come near Andrea.


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Re: Fire cannot kill a dragon - Ancalagon

Indlæg by Ancalagon on Ons 19 apr - 21:27

As stubborn as dragons can get, Lockheart took off the ground as he hissed and followed whatever it could be that he had caught the sense of. It was like Lockheart didn't ever notice Andrea as he got closer and closer to whatever he was hunting and first when he got out of the city, he saw what it had been he caught and landed on the ground by Andrea as he kept hissing at the direction where a tall man was walking.
The man was too far away for Andrea to call for him to stop and he was close to disappearing in the forest, close to the city. Lockheart took off again and just like that, as with the man, both went inside of the forest and the only thing Andrea could hear was the hissing from her pet dragon.
Lockhearts hissing suddenly stopped, when a scream of a man, screaming in agony as Lockheart's hissing became something more of a defensive roar and hissing than aggressive. What Andrea heart next, was the roar of a thousand thunders, if she respected Lockhearts hiss and roar, then this would be a whole new experience for her.
The moment Andrea got through the forest and in an open field of grass, surrounded by the forest, stood a dragon, a huge, scaly dragon with orange-red eyes looking direct at Lockheart. The giant dragon was in a very aggressive position, a bit like a frilled-neck lizard, a piece of its throat's skin extended, as a sign of, back off. With its half-open mouth, a strange liquid dropped from its jaw and when it hit the grassy ground, the grass got etched away as if highly concentrated acid touched it.
As since the dragon didn't back off and tried to stand it ground, the other dragons belly started to lighten up the places where the scales touches each other and moved up through the chest and as the dragon rose from the ground and stood on its feet, it's mouth lit up with a bright yellow-orangeish colour.
Fuck off came it as a final warning towards the little interloper, who soon started to piss him off, he was stronger and bigger, a lot bigger than this little pet of a dragon.
Just as the huge dragon was about to flamethrow the minor dragon with his fire of death, something in the threeline caught his attention and stopped his action and looked at the area, Who's there?! I will burn down this entire forest if you don't show yourself.. werewolf sounded the deep, thundering voice from the dragon.

//then we tried together xD <3

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