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We all need a hero at times - Lilith

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We all need a hero at times - Lilith

Indlæg by Gæst on Søn 23 apr - 20:59

Place: Somewhere in the woods, she has no idea
Weather: Cold, rain,
Outfit: A long-sleeved red shirt, with black jeans.
@Lilith <3

She had been running for weeks, if this was freedom she didn't want it. Elena wasn't really in the best shape, it wasn't the worst either - but she needed to be on the run. No way in hell she was going to let Elijah take her back to that place. Elena had been doing so much bad she didn't even know if she deserved more then this running for her life. She helped Razor so he could help Tatia, and all she could hope for - was he made it in time, and that Wade some day would forgive her for being on the enemies side of this war. It was never really her intention to be with the enemies. Now she was paying for that. The feeling she always had felt in her chest, the loneliness - it haunted her now more than ever. Only because she had no one left. Even if she ever saw Wade again, she was sure he wouldn't forgive her, maybe he would give her a little change, but only if Razor got to Tatia in time.
Her heart jumped when she realized she was going to be taken. They wouldn't kill her, she had to much value for them. But it wouldn't make them stop at nothing to hurt her, so she would make sure never to cross them again. That was what she feared, and that fear kept her from stopping. Elena lost her balance as she stepped wrong on her feet, she hit the ground and knew it was the end. All odds was against her at this point, making it impossible to get free from this.
"Don't fight this, it's gonna hurt more if you try," a voice said as one of the guards and best hunters stepped out with his crew. Elena got back on her feet and took a deep breath. She wasn't a fighter, she wouldn't even stand a chance against them.  They moved closer to her and the leader finally got a hold on her. His fist around her neck, making it harder and harder for her to breath. Out of instinct she punched him in the face, in which he returned to favor - making her face the ground as the taste of blood slowly danced on her tongue. He kicked her several times, and in truth she didn't enjoy the pain. But in the end, wasn't this what she deserved?
"Captain, someone is here," someone tried to warn their leader, but it was to late. Something dangerous was here.


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Re: We all need a hero at times - Lilith

Indlæg by Lilith on Søn 23 apr - 22:19

Before the captain could react, the man was gone, like something had swooped fast, really fast by and disappeared into the forest around them. The only thing everyone could hear was the horrid screams and bone crunching before the voice went silent. The fact that one of their bodies got taken before they could react, had the men in the group on the edge. What was that?! another man asked turning nervous in circles like his comrades did. The Captain grabbed his hand around Elena's throat and tighten his grip, Who are with you gi..?! But captain got interrupted by the snarl and scream from another one of his guards that just got taken like the first one.
What the fuck?! Some kind of beast sir! said one of the guards who had been just beside the second guard that got taken. A wolf.. no werewolf most likely!" Said he as he corrected himself. The captain threw Elena to two of the guards and turned his attention to where the werewolf last had disappeared, cover the flanks and stay together! He yelled as they only were 5-6 men left in the forest. Show yourself beast! The captain cried out with his sword drawn and ready for a fight.
A loud bump came from the carriage, which had everyone's attention turned to and when they actually saw what had made the noise, their face turned white. On the roof of the carriage stood at big tall black werewolf growling in a deep voice and with bright orange eyes looking down on the sorry bunch of men. The werewolf jumped with unmatch speed to the eyes of humans and snapped one of the men who had held Elena and only the captain wasn't frozen by the sheer size of the werewolf. The man cried out in pain indescribable as he was being eaten and razed by the beast huge black talons. The captain looked at his reminding men and saw one run as fast as he could, get back here soldier! the captain demanded, but the fleeing man ignored him, Screw this, I'm not getting paid enough just to dying! he cursed and soon disappearing into the forest. The werewolf rose up on its feet, ranging close to 3 meters from the ground in a straight upright position.
The captain charged the beast but the beast just launched its huge hand's backside and sent the captain back first into a tree while the werewolf roared savagely and jumped up on the carriage and launched itself after the first man who fled the area.
And just like that, the cold, rainy weather was silent again as if nothing had happened. The captain survived, surprisingly enough and knew they had gained a chance to get away and hopefully back to the base.
Without a word, Elena got thrown into the carriage, followed by two guards to make sure she wouldn't escape again, while the captain would control the houses and carriage back to safety. YA! the shocked captain yelled and once again they were on the move.
Nothing happened for a good while, which made the two last reminding guards inside the carriage, in a more relaxing mood, yet still on edge as they kept scouting out the window. Do you think we lost it? The first guard asked nervously.
I don't know man, but we still got at least a half an hour left because of this bitch the second man replied, slapping Elena right on her left cheek with the backside of his hand.

Then, out of nowhere, everyone heard a loud chilling howl coming from somewhere in the forest, which had the horses scared yet another time. The captain got the horses under control but pulled out an old flintlock pistol which he quickly loaded before taking the whip to the horses again and made them run faster. Just as the captain saw the opening of and last bit of forest, before getting out to safety, one of the guards screamed to the captain as he saw the werewolf jump from a tree. But it was too late, the captain fired his pistol, but the shot only strafed the beast's shoulder as it's weight tipped the carriage to the side.
The horses got free and ran each their own direction and the only thing the guards and Elena could hear from inside the carriage was the captain getting slaughtered just behind them.
As up was the only way out and their captain getting mauled, one of the two guards in the carriage, tried sneaking out and actually getting out by slowly sneaking to one of the trees. Then the last one tried, but as soon as he got up, he got taken.
The one that got away ran as fast as he could while his friend got eaten, to warn his lord about the werewolf and that Elena still is out there but mostly already are dead.
Again, the chilling howl from the werewolf somewhere around the carriage and forest Elena was in without knowing where it was.

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Re: We all need a hero at times - Lilith

Indlæg by Gæst on Ons 26 apr - 19:47

She almost lost her ability to breath, it was hard to find a way out of this - she was normally very good at making a plan b - but this time there was no time. As she sound sounds started to kickstart her brain and everything happened much faster then expected. Elena had trouble standing on her feet, just a trouble with her balance really. A werewolf, it seemed impossible - it wasn't a full moon. Even Elena reacted to the sound, made her look a little fascinated - just a little because she wasn't really at her best at this point. Elena felt so cold, so paralyzed at this point - it was even like her brain had stopped for a while - which freaked her out just a little. The men holding her was terrified, she could see it on their face - how it slowly was filled up with fear. Elena almost didn't see the big wolf, not because she wanted to ignore it - but her brain didn't even have a picture to send her, because Elena was this tired. The men seemed to overcome their fear when they had the chance, or maybe it was just the adrenaline forcing them to move their feet. Elena was thrown in the carriage, and it was first there she woke up a little. Both the men seemed nervous, and it was a hiding spot - they couldn't stay here forever. Maybe they were just not as clever as Elena, but they couldn't stay here.

The howl woke some instincts in her, the wolf part of her. Only once in her whole life had she changed shape, mostly because the men she had been living with, had been forcing her to take a drug to make it impossible. But she could feel how freeing it was, not to be on these drugs - she could feel her innerself growing - the wolf. Elena closed her eyes, to remain in control of herself - not the animal, just her body telling her to sleep and now wasn't the time to sleep. The horses were scared, scared of the big bad wolf in the woods. She jumped a little as the shot fired, and something hit the carriage. Then the other sound came to her, she knew that sound. It was the sound of someone getting torn apart, piece by piece and nerve by nerve. Her brain was already working on the odds, making pictures and trying to find a way out of this nightmare. She should never have left, to late for that information.

One of them tried to sneak out, had they lost their mind? She wasn't even going to answer that. One was lucky - very lucky. The other one, not so much. Elena hold her breath, and closed her eyes. So it was really today? Today was really the day she died? It mostly would be. The big question was now, should she die here in fear, or die fighting? She stood up and carefully crawled out of the carriage. The howl, she couldn't place where it came from. But she was soaked in her own blood, the wolf would find her by scent. It was just the matter of time, but she had to try. At least once in her life, she needed to try to do something to be free. She really didn't have anything to lose.

Then she ran like hell, till she stopped by the feeling of the wolf starring at her. Elena closed her eyes fast, but opened them to turn around. Slowly she sat down, bowing for the wolf to show her respect. It wasn't many people who understood how to communicate with others - but werewolves and shapeshifters were always very good at connecting not only with animals but also with each other. The understanding for the animal that was inside them, was to huge to ignore. Elena looked down, waiting for the reaction of the werewolf.


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Re: We all need a hero at times - Lilith

Indlæg by Lilith on Ons 26 apr - 23:50

Like a pack of wolves, two hot bright orange eyes somewhere around Elena followed every move she made and when she finally stopped, even sitting down to pay respect to it. She that was a new thing, usually, people would scream and run, but this woman stopped and bow down to the ground in a sitting position, how odd. The reaction of the werewolf she expected to do something, never came, yet she still heard footsteps, walking towards the young shapeshifter. The feets stopped just in front of Elena so Elena could see them, see how the grass caressed the skin of the feets. Actually, if Elena looked more closely, she could see, other than heavy stains of blood, that it was a woman's feet. Nothing really happened, just the woman with the bloodied feet trying to keep her breathing under control. Why are you bowing shifter? Asked the nude woman, covered in blood, though Elena wouldn't be able to see the among of blood all over her body and face before she looked up. I'm not going to hurt you she explained and kneeled down as she with each a hand on the young shapeshifter's shoulder, rose her up.
Lilith smiled joyful, though a bit out of breath and removed some tufts of hair from her face, revealing some normal human eyes, like the beast, never had existed. Sorry if I scared you a bit, but those guys had it coming said the naked, bloodied woman in front of Elena, not paying any mind to the fact that she was naked and right in front of a stranger.

Well, you're safe now and those guys should have a lot tougher time finding you now, they probably thinking you're dead to a big scary werewolf Lilith said as she kneeled down to the last guy she killed. Though one did get away, could be trouble, Lilith explained as she pushed what was left of the man. Actually, you might want to find somewhere safe and away from wherever you came from, Lilith told Elena, like the girl didn't know it already. The naked young werewolf looked at the remaining part of the man, as the stomach had been eaten completely, a leg ripped off and as well for an arm. The face of the man was almost none existing as it too had been chewed off, like some of the chests and left shoulder.

Lilith rose from her kneeling position and looked back at Elena and gave her an inviting smile, might be a bit weird question, but you're welcome to follow me, I'm just about to move on she explained, as there was nothing more for here in this area and it was even close to the border of the forest.

Back at the place, Elena had escaped from, the last guard came running like a madman and when he got a place by a fire, he shook scarcely. At the beginning, he looked fanatic back and forth, like the werewolf would jump out at any moment. As he stuttered the event for an another captain, the men around the survivor whispered in horror and when the captain asked about Elena, the guard just said he didn't know.
The captain took it as maybe survived and went for Elijah to explain things and that Elena might had survived, which means it would be possible to get the girl back again.

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Re: We all need a hero at times - Lilith

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