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I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to

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I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to

Indlæg by Tatia on Lør 13 maj - 12:31

Place: Their cabin in ashen wood
Time: Evening
Weather: Outside it's quite
Outfit: [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
[You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] - sorry for the topic, just seemed like I needed it to fit the story-line. Just answer when you get time <3

She was tired and she moved closer to home. Alone. What had happened? Only Razor and her fighting for their lives in the arena - again. Only thing about this time, was that things happened very odd and not as they normally did. They missed Elena, and they had to change up their fights. Element fights had been a thing, Razor almost died - she almost died. Elijah saved her, weird enough. Razor got angry, at her for being emotional in the fight. She wasn't okay, well she was on the outside. Tatia had no wounds, only blood from the remains of it. Her face had her warpaint on, so it was clear she chose to fight at some point. And she did, she had chosen to move out and kill Elijah. Mission failed. Now she had to face Wade. Tatia needed him to be angry at her for doing something so stupid like this, she needed people to be angry at her. But then again she didn't wanted him to be angry. She was so confused. Her entire personality was killing her at this point. Tatia might have needed the rush, the fight - not being the victim. Tatia was nervous to open the door, she could smell he was there. Lucky for her it wasn't more then a day she had been done - unlucky, she had told him she was in town. It wasn't really an excuse to go for a fight with Razor, but to prove him wrong. People seemed to forget what happened to her in the past very easy, like the trauma was something she was over now - but she wasn't. It was just easier for her to luck it in a box with the sad emotions, and hope there wasn't a reason to open it.

Tatia pulled herself together and walked inside. Her eyes was lucked on him, waiting for the worse. She had looked at him like this before. When she was in conflict with herself, the self-hatred and despair took over her eyes. Because she did what she had to do, when it came to save her family - and killing Elijah seemed like a way to do so, but she just ended up where she started, in a fight. Tatia had lost her sword, and the sai blades hang in her belt.
"I'm not hurting," she started to stop him from being to worried. "I did something stupid.. I thought.. If I hunted down Elijah.. Killing him.. Razor wouldn't look at me as if he was ashamed of me.. so we went on to kill him.. didn't really turn out as planned," she admitted as Tatia slightly licked her lips. "And don't tell me that it doesn't matter what he thinks.. because he was right.. right now I'm a disappointment. The only thing that keeps me going is us, my family..but right now I need you to be angry at me.. please.. just fight me a little on this.." she begged, feeling the tears in her eyes burning to come out.

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I used to see beauty in people, but now I see muscle and bones

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