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My new lap dog - Wade

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My new lap dog - Wade

Indlæg by Gæst on Lør 13 maj - 18:57

Time: Evening.
Place: Ashen wood forest.
Surroundings: South part of the forest, almost at the edge.
Weather: clear sky.
Attire: Click Without the glasses.
Dedicated to: @Wade

It was great seeing the business expand, gaining more influence and territory for what was going to be an empire in the future. It was almost time to build the second factory, just a few more deals to get done with and everything should be in place. Now with the newly acquired mine things were going smoothly for once, even though he had to kill someone and burn their house down to prove a point it did work, they did now see eye to eye. The only problem was the territory around the mind was of course the damn savages's hunting ground, the mine was technically out of the forest but they needed wood for the furnaces. The reports from the workers stated that there had been sabotages and attacks on the mine, nothing major, but still a fucking nuisance. This was not his first time dealing with problems like this, usually it was just killing the troublemakers and it would stop. But he was going to try something different this time, he was in no mood to go hunt for a random pack through their own home turf, that would just be reckless and stupid. He had sent certain people on a scouting mission a good while ago with the intent of finding the best fighter of this forest. The reports listed a few people that would do as a candidate, but there was one in particular that fit the bill perfectly, because he had the most to loose which meant he would be the easiest to control.

He rode the carriage with two of his people to a place not too far away from the mine in the forest, they were to meet a a hunter he had sent out ahead of time to catch one of the savages. When he arrived he stepped out of the carriage with his two men who were equipped with spears. As he sees the hunter and the trapped shapeshifter he gives off a big smile to the hunter. "Great job Hawkwood, you really outdid yourself with this one" He has a cheerful tone to him as he pats the man on his back. "Thank you sir, she hasn't said anything so far." He is proud of the catch as the boss complimented him. The two men stand on each side of the carriage with their spears as they are trained to do, Andrei walks over to the bound girl and crouches down to her level. "Well that will change right now.. I'm looking for a man about my height, dark tone, bald.. Goes by the name of Wade? Sound familiar?" He has a calm voice and a smile, with no threatening tone to him whatsoever, purely asking her a question. But she is still silent, it is unknown if she knows him or not, but it wouldn't matter. He lets off a small scoff as a grin appears. "See, it doesn't matter if you talk or not, i know how you savages operate, you are a pack, if someone smells trouble, they run to help.." He looks her in the eyes for a few seconds awaiting a response. "You will n.." Before she can finish his knife was pulled and stuck in her side, intentionally avoiding organs. She lets of a scream as he responds. "Wrong answer.. if the next words out of your mouth is not his location.. keep it shut." He takes the knife out and cleans it on her clothes before walking back to the carriage, climbing up to the front and sitting down with his legs crossed on the edge. "Tie her to the tree and come up here" He says to the hunter as he looks up at the sky that was getting more orange as time went by.

They sit there for a while awaiting some savage to come to the rescue so they could question them and keep going until they either knew where he was or if he himself would show. They knew where his partner was as they had been keeping tabs on her for a while now, she was after all essential tot he plan, but if they would hurt her it would only hurt the deal, if they showed restraint and let her have her free life he could be more reasonable.
After some time has passed someone approaches, and wouldn't you know it, it was the man they'd been looking for. "Well well, the man himself.. I've been looking for you" he says with a grin as he picks up the hunters crossbow and shoots the wounded girl in the eye, seeing her slowly fall down to her side in complete silence, dying to quick for his taste. Then he throws it to the hunter as he walks down the carriage and towards Wade. "Good to know you people care so much for each other." He still has the grin on his face from earlier, he was almost gitty from the fact that the plan worked faster than he thought. He looks Wade over as he nods. "Just like you were described.. Impressive. So, I'll get straight to the point, i have a job for you. Oh and before you answer, your pregnant girl is fine by the way, in case you were wondering, we've been keeping an eye on her, keeping her out of trouble for you." He finishes with a wink as he taps his shoulder as he was doing him a favor. He knew Wade had to be furious, one of his own dead and his girl being followed, but he still couldn't help the smile, it was still a bit hilarious to him. He kinda wanted him to start something, he needed someone to blow off some steam with. He had two people with spears and a man with a crossbow on the carriage but he was not going to let them get involved if anything were to happen.


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