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The past has a way to Come Back, it always has.

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The past has a way to Come Back, it always has.

Indlæg by Gæst on Fre 16 jun - 22:02

In the skirts of his own camp, in Ash wood forest, north.
Its a bit cold, but its clear skies.
Nothing really, just a couple of small animals
Time: its around the evening.
P a white shirt and a couple of brown troussers


The  Evening had just startet and like normaly he had, hunted a deer a big one.  Now the meat was at the camp and he was keeping his own deer at the fire place. After he had skined it, there was only the meat left. He looked at the fire, and hold his  eyes on it while the food was getting ready.  After a few mins he decide to get his cloths back on, it was getting cold and if he were not in his wolf form then this would be the perfect thing to do.

Ethan began tranining while he was waiting on the food, he took his knife out, and made some moves with it, even though he did not have a sword he knew how to use one he had just always found a knife a more charming and faster than a sword and then he had his knife he to throw with. At any rate he had never had need of a sword before maybe, people picked the sword because it was a mighty weopen in his own right, maybe he should start using a sword though he would still have a perfect way to win anyway with his knife.  He sat down and took, some of the meat were, after he took a look around it was to quiet someone was near, who ever it was he was gonna be ready, he hide in the shadows and waited a bit, looking around to find who ever, there was near them.
//sorry den korte starte xD//


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