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Sometimes, words win battles, and somehow they started new ones

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Sometimes, words win battles, and somehow they started new ones

Indlæg by Gæst on Man 31 jul - 23:49

Place Firewood
Enviorments: some other creatures, doing there own stuff
Time 23,30
Weather its porring down with rain
Outfit https://res.cloudinary.com/pvplive/image/upload/article_headers/FH-20170309-Warden.jpg His Warden Armor and his ring https://images-na.ssl-images-amazon.com/images/I/61webD4k7%2BL._UY395_.jpg

The rain where falling down on the streets, a reminder that even though summer was there, the weather could still change. His armor made sounds when he walked around, and his aura, made people happy or tread away with respekt or fear. Most respekt though and he was happy for it, he liked it at a degree, but some how it was not that easy to make everything make, a point out of it that was. He looked around himself try to find out where his ring, his gift was taking him, not only was it his gift, but it was some how bound to find whoever he would need to protect that, and maybe he just followed another thing. He started going trough, what there was a lot of people while he found a few beggars he laid down a couple of coins to them, where after he walked away, he heard them talk to him though.

"Thanks Sir." It sounded from a couple of other kids, while he walked away, he took a litte time to look down on his armor and took the glove of where his ring was. He looked at it and slowly it turned green, the mark in it, he looked around and slowly he started to follow it, short after he found a group of people, there where anoying or pushing to a girl that, seemed not to have, done anything.

Slowly he put his glove of were after, he slowly moved up to them, as soon as he moved closer a shadow crept over them, " i am sorry but i think you should get the hell of this girl, " he said his voice where not normal thanks to his helmet and his Aura helped, "we did not mean anything by it sorry sorry, " He looked at them and then Gemma "its her you should tell you are sorry to not, me." he said as he grabed around his sword. He was calm and that scared them, " Sorry miss Gemma sorry" It came from them all it sounded like they tripped over there, word, witch was fun. "Now get the hell away, or i will kill you next time." The men looked and him, and short after "BUH" came it from him, and that made them run away, they had not meet another one, like him before, he slowly, took his hand of his sword, and looked at her, slowly after he took away, his helmet, and send her a charming smile." Its over Miss Gemma."


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