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Forever isn't long enough - Lavender

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Forever isn't long enough - Lavender

Indlæg by Audrey on Ons 2 aug - 20:43

It wasnt something she did very often. But this was just not just something, it was everything - this was for Lavender. Every single time Audrey tried not being in love with this woman, she found herself even more heart broken than ever. Lavender had her under her spell and Audrey had realized there was nothing she could do about it - so why not just live it? Audrey had picked up this beautiful long black dress, and her blond hair was braided very beautiful. She had sent a raven with the message to Lavender, an invitation to a dinner with Audrey. Now the only thing Audrey could do, was to hope for Lavender to show up. Audrey was getting a little nervous by planning the whole thing, it wasn't at the Thunder mansion - Audrey had found her own place. A place she didn't have to fit in the role her sisters wanted her to be. This was better. Audrey had a plan. She would chose her own fate now and she knew what she wanted. She wanted to be with Lavender forever. As soon as someone was at the door, Audrey opened it and smiled.
"I wasn't sure you would show up, come on in," she said with a lovely smile and a huge spark in her eyes.

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"You hold on to the pain they caused you

because it is the only thing left of them."
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Re: Forever isn't long enough - Lavender

Indlæg by Gæst on Lør 12 aug - 15:51

Påklædning: Kjolen til højre + Hår og makeup <3

She was not in the best of places at the moment. In fact, she wasnt really sure where she would place herself right now - As long as it was some place safe. The only way to strike Lavender was through her closest of people, and people had just seemed to hit them all spot on. She wasnt going to let more people be harmed, the easiest way would be through a bargain for her own life. But would that even be worth the effort? Dying wouldnt seem so bad.
She fixed her dress shortly before arriving at the given location on the note. The only person that stuck even when the odds were against them. The only person that wasnt family and still couldnt leave her mind. Her tender fingers tightened the grip around the note as she suddenly felt nervous. She lifted her hand and knocked three times in a patient and respectful manner.
The door opened and Lavender's eyes moved up from the floor, meeting the all too familiar blue eyes that kept taking her by surprise. "Thank you for the invitation. I have been rather busy lately, so its very delightful to have some sort of pleasant distraction in these dark times." She smiled carefully as she stepped in. No matter how many times that she would meet Audrey, she would always feel the same uneasy nervousness, the tingles in her stomach that reminded her of how much she used to be able to feel in the matter of seconds.
"I had to wait for the sun to leave the sky, but I would never not show up to an invitation of yours." she said with a half smile. The smile faded quickly as she reminded herself why she was actually here. One - Seeing Audrey again, that would always be the main priority. But the second thing being her future plans. A more touchy subject that left Lavender nervous and confused. How would she be able to speak her mind and have Audrey approve of it? She would never approve of it. "New home? It looks very nice. Humble and simple." she commented to take her mind off the dark thoughts for a while.


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