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Familiy is blood, and familiy is power.

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Familiy is blood, and familiy is power.

Indlæg by Gæst on Ons 12 apr - 17:58

Place: Terroville Just inside an Inn
Weather: Rain is falling down.
Enviorment: A few night creatures, and a few humans there is having a kind of peacefull night
Time: around 19,30
Outfit: A hoodie to cover his face with, and as always a bow.
Topic Partner: @Angela

Azanroc where moving down, as soon as he had heard, that Josette where gonna stay in Dragons peak, from a source, if it was true he did not know but he had to get to Terroville to be sure, here he moved over to the locale inn, and moved passed a few fallen angels, he finaly game to the inn. He move in as quick as he could without anyone taken notics of him, he just looked like a normal travler. And that was the point nobody, would see him as he truly was, so he could hide without having anything els to do with what, there was happening near him.

Azanrocs eyes followed every damnn person there was in here, he where gonna hold his eyes on them no matter what, he could not risk getting spotted more because it would be a rage finding out where and what he need to do, on top of that he kind of wanted Josette to still not know where he was, he never stayed more than a few days the same place and so was it here tomorow he would leave agian out of the city with a few other angels, and then go to sea agian.

//so Butterfly here it is < 3 //


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Re: Familiy is blood, and familiy is power.

Indlæg by Angela on Ons 12 apr - 19:11

Angela lived on these streets, in a house like any other person with just some money. The only thing that didn't always made sense to her, was some of these pointless memories of this Josephine girl who lived in this body before Angela took over. It wasn't because Angela had killed her, Angela's soul just took over as the other soul died. Or that was what she thought at least, she didn't really control it. One piece of memory spoke to her louder then the others. It was Josephine's brother, Azanroc. She knew how he looked even though she never seemed him before - but it was all a memory that belonged to Josephine, the only thing left of her. And then as she walked in the rain, she saw that one person. Angela knew Josephine was close with her brother - Angela always had wondered what love like that would feel like. Not that Nicolas and Noah didn't love her, they loved her - now. She had spent so many years on her own seeking love - but now she just wanted to breath. In a second she was about to reach out for Azanroc, feeling the dark aura around him, as he was now a fallen angel. Angela didn't care, why would she? Nicolas was a vampire, she was born a hybrid - before she was killed.
The instinct of Josephine hit her and moved her feet towards the fallen angel. Her brot.. Josephine's brother stood right there.
"Azan?" She asked carefully, very surprised how her bad behavior seemed to fade as she came closer to this brother.

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