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I'm getting tired of replacing suits - Damien

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I'm getting tired of replacing suits - Damien

Indlæg by Gæst on Søn 16 apr - 18:42

Time: Late night.
Place: Streets of Terrorville.
Surroundings: The homes of the rich people living here.
Weather: Cloudy, on and off raining.
Attire: Click
Dedicated to: @Damien

It was finally late enough for everyone to be inside, well most people anyway, so that would make things a lot easier. His neighbor had become a nuisance of late, he didn't mind the people living here, all was well and fine in this district, for the most part at least. He didn't know many people here, some guards and important people business wise sure, but they were all relationships from a tactical point of view. He made it a point to know certain people he could use in the future, when it came to personal friends there was none, except for his little brother and second in command at the factory. He didn't need friends, they served no purpose but feeding emotions and mindless talking, there was no time for that, he was on a mission, one that would take him a lifetime to do and it wouldn't be closed to finishing, he would just hope someone would take over. That and his business, that was important as well, expanding, development, gaining more influence.

Tonight kind of tied into that, being personal space, the people here were pretty private, being the high class place and all there wasn't many public events going on, and thank the gods for that. Normally he couldn't care less what the neighbors did, but what he did care about was when the filth he was trying to get rid of, moves right next to him. He couldn't have that, there was no concentrating when there was freaks leaving next door. But as impulsive as he was, he had to be smart about it, fun as it would be to just go next door and bash his face in, it would attract attention, and it wasn't just his shining reputation to think about, there was also his business. That's why he had people follow him for a few days, reporting his schedules and routes. And tonight was the night, like always he could just have one of his people kill him, but what would be the fun in that?

There was no point in doing it too far away, just far enough to not be in his area. So he put on his suit jacket, grabbed a sizable pouch of silver and headed outside, he knew exactly where to be and when. He was lucky this demon was so punctual, it's a shame he was a demon, people coming on the right time all the time was a luxury in his line of work. Oh well, at least there would be a more peaceful mind when he was gone. After walking a few minutes away from his house he was still in a residential area, it would be the perfect place, these monsters killed each other all the time so it wouldn't be hard to think it was just another case of hunger or territory or whatever these things fought over. He was friends with important people in the guards so he knew the routes they took, it wasn't hard to plan this out.
And just as he expected a guard arrived in the area, one that he had done business with before. So he walked towards him and greeted him with open arms like an old friend. "Ayyy Charles, long time no see. Hows the wife and kids?" He reaches his arm around his shoulder and smiles as he speaks to him, people seeing it would think they were good friends. But in truth the guard was nothing more than a thing for him to use. He took his time getting to know the people he dealt with, after all knowledge was power. Him knowing people's names and family would make some think he actually cared for them, other more smart people would know its him letting them know he knows everything about them in case they don't cooperate. This one was not the brightest and appreciated him as a friend, which didn't bother Andrei, he was human so there was no problem there. "Andrei, Same as always youknow? Complaints that I'm working the night shifts, kids are doing good in school though so that's great." His voice is a bit cheerful as the boring patrolling suddenly turned into a friendly conversation with a friend. "Ah, well it's understandable right? having her man out every night on the streets instead of in with her. But I'll get straight to the point, I heard some rumors of robberies going down at the stores, i think you should check it out. And here, buy your wife something nice" He talks like he understands how relationships work, sympathizing with the man, what he said was obviously fake and they both knew that, this was not the first time he asked him to look the other way. He hands him the pouch he brought with him and gives him a wink as he pats his back a couple times. "Good man." He says in a happy tone as he walks back to the corner, now all he had to do was wait for the demon to walk by like he always did.

And wouldn't you know it, the demon arrives just when his employees said he would. Now for the fun part of this night, how would this go down, hmm, so many options. This was not only to rid this place of filth, it was also a great stress relief. He nods to the creature as it walks by, then he follows it, getting close enough to grab his chin from behind, holding it up as his knife quickly came to his neck. "Relax, just a quick shave for the gentleman" One good slice would end this right now. But he needed a bit more thrill than that tonight. "Lets have some fun, show me your true nature!" He exclaims and a split second later he moves the knife back and sticks it in his side, twisting it, breaking a rib. But just as it happens he gets an elbow in the face, knocking him back from the force. "There we go!" He is excited now, usually people didn't dare to touch him, so when someone finally did, he found it exhilarating. He uses his free hand to touch his touch the open wound on his lips, seeing it bleed makes him smile. "What the hell are you doing? are you crazy? You're a human, you can't beat a demon" The demon is both confused and confident of its victory despite its injury. "I'm the crazy one? At least i don't go hitting strangers in the mouth, that's just plain rude" he says with a chuckling voice. It probably wasn't smart initiating a fight with someone that was undoubtedly stronger than him, but his impulses got the better of him.
As he goes at him with the knife he only grazes the demons arm before it grabs his hand, forcing the knife towards him, pressing him up against the wall, moving the knife closer and closer to his face. Andrei can barely hold it back and it was only getting harder the longer it goes on. He sees someone in the background, but his focus was at the knife so he could only hope it was an unscheduled guard patrol. "Goddamn man you're strong, ease up will you" His sarcasm shines through the words as he doesn't have long before the knife hits him. He wasn't really afraid of dying, it would only be an inconvenience seeing as he was too busy to die just yet.

// Sorry its so long, i got carried away xD //

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Re: I'm getting tired of replacing suits - Damien

Indlæg by Gæst on Tirs 18 apr - 12:35


A figure was waddling aimlessly around the streets, ragged clothes and starved posture, judging from the way he moved, sluggish and unsteady. At first glance, someone would think that it was just another drunkard who had gone into the wrong district – After all this district was supposed to be a nice place for the rich to move around, not a place for drunkards and other scum to move their filth and poverty around. But at a closer look, it would be apparent that the drunkard wasn’t alone. Behind him a rather tall figure walked rather tiredly, yet being far from it. He was determined to get home and the more you’d look, the more you’d come to realize the forced walk of the drunkard.
How his eyes were empty yet his legs moving automatically. The clothes covered some of the abuse he had been put through but it was never in Damien’s best interest to remember to feed his mindless companions. Damien was the tall guy walking behind, by the look of his fleeting eyes that moved around the district as they walked, it was clear that something wasn’t quite alright with him. He heard the commotion before he saw it. He was just lucky to pass by the street where it all seemed to be going down.
He stopped and a second later, the companion stopped as well. He tilted his head as he watched the fight unfold. It wasn’t till the demon seemed to get the advantage that he glanced at his companion, shortly before the guy howled. He was actually quite excited to find out how well his ability would work on this one, a person that could shift into something far more dangerous than anything Damien had ever seen. The guy fell to the ground and Damien made him shut up as he shifted into his werewolf form. As the werewolf got on his feet, his eyes were still as dead as they were in his human form.
Damien looked at his companion before looking at the commotion. If the howl didn’t bring some attention, he surely would make sure to be noticed by them in another way. He started walking towards them, shortly to be surpassed by the werewolf that ran ahead towards the two. In a slash, it lashed out at the demon, it didn’t really matter if it were to hit or not with the initiating attack, it was going to jump the poor demon and maul him, till all that would be left was little demon remains and a ravaged corpus.
He stopped a few meters away from his companion and the human he seemed to have saved. He glanced at the human, and checked him out for a quick look, avoiding to look him in the eyes. “Why do I find a human on the street, thinking he’s strong enough to overcome a creature like a demon? Stubborn and somehow a very dumb move. You can’t murder a demon on your own. Why were you trying to?” he then asked with a great wonder in his voice. Then he looked at his companion and smirked in a satisfied way by the sight. He pulled up a flask and threw it towards the wolf, as if it was some sort of reward, making it pick it up. The liquid was thick and dark red, but soon gone as the werewolf consumed it as soon as it got a hold of it.
I hate saving people. That stupid doctor made me think that I could be good. So now I guess I walk around and save people. Great. Fantastic. I’m a bad person trying to be good. At least I killed the demon… well I didn’t but I did.” He said out loud to himself as he rubbed his neck with all the reminders of what type of person he really was. It was a normal thing for Damien to talk to himself, even in company with others. He turned his eyes back to the stranger and tilted his head. “You’re bleeding, in case you weren’t aware on your own. Silly human.” He then said, the last part being more of a mumble to himself, just before he started looking at his companion. Somehow, he was missing the doctor that he used to have control over, which wasn't his usual thing. Then again, many usual things had turned unusual over the last couple of days. Saving people? Definitely one of them. But the doctor. He was the chattiest of the companions and Damien had come to like his company.

// Don't worry. It was fun to read Smile


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Re: I'm getting tired of replacing suits - Damien

Indlæg by Gæst on Fre 21 apr - 3:44

The knife was already through his sleeve and rubbing in his skin as he was blocking it with his forearm, using both hands to hold it back from his face. It didn't help as there was something happening in the background, making him really curious and thus focusing less on the knife. He he saw was two people in the distance, one was doing something on the ground, it too hard to tell exactly what that was. But when he heard the loud howl he had a feeling he knew what that meant, and turned his head towards the sound, then he saw a man and a big wolf behind him, clearly a werewolf. "Oh dear.." His voice was still as unserious as before, even thought he had a feeling the fight was going to be ever so slightly tougher if that thing got involved. What didn't make sense to him was the random guy walking with the beast, but he didn't have time to think about it because as he saw him he lost focus and the knife dug deeper in his arm as it got closer to his face, only a few centimeters away. In the background he could hear the loud steps of the beast as it was running towards them. "Hey man, you should really turn ar.." Before he could even finish it the demon was bashed off him and beaten to a pulp. As the demon was being smashed on the ground Andrei leaned off the wall and looked back and forth between the random guy and the beat down with a confused yet amused face.

When the Wolf started to ease up he slowly crouched down to pick up his knife from the demons crushed hands. "Tried to tell you man" He said with a fake empathetic voice. He then stood up and expected to be the next on the chopping block, yet the beast was just standing there as it was brain dead, so he focused on the guy beside him. He was going to start the conversation but the guy beat him to it, making him just be quiet and listen to him with a serious face. Stubborn, yes, dumb move, ehh yeah that seemed right. "Couldn't you see i was just defending myself? He just attacked me outta nowhere, if you didn't come when you did i would be demon food!" He exclaimed with a scared and panty voice. Then only a couple of seconds went by before he couldn't contain his smile anymore and he burst out laughing at himself and the situation. He had no idea what the stranger was planning to do to him but there was no need to be grim about the situation. He thought about going for a killing blow on the beast but seeing what he did to the demon made him slightly reconsider and just contain his impulses. "I'm sorry.. i can't.. it's too much. Um yeah no i had full control over that, i just like giving them an edge before i end it" At the beginning he was still laughing but he managed to gain control again and talk more normally, yet still keeping his happy tone through it. In truth he probably would have died, or at least severely damaged before he could kill the demon, and the guy would probably know that as well. Yet it didn't stop him from playing around, being a bit cocky.

The way the guy talked to him, almost like it was partially to himself, fascinated him, it was different, unexpected, peeking his interest. "A little late for a checkup from the doctor no? Also i hate to break it to you but your friend here killed the demon, also speaking of, whats up with your friend here? Why is he just standing there? And how the hell did you manage to get a beast like that to work for you?" The whole situation was baffling to him, how could a human tame a werewolf? He assumed he was human, even though he could be wrong, time would tell. He could see why he would use one though, having a beast like that could solve a lot of problems, if it wasn't for the fact that it was a freak then he would have one himself. Maybe if there was a human substitute for it, like a werehuman or something..Then again how would that even work? He was going down a rabbit hole he didn't want to go in, so he just shook his head.

After the fight he was pretty pumped up with adrenaline, that's why he didn't notice that he was bleeding until the guy told him. He looked down at his arm and saw the cut through his suit sleeve and in his arm, making it run down and drip from his hand. As soon as he sees it he kicks the bloody corpse of the demon with quite some force. "Motherfucker! This is the second one this week!" He then stops and turns to the guy again as he continues. "I'm sure my tailor has gotten pretty sick of me by now" He said with a curious tone, almost like he was actually thinking about it. "By the way, why do you keep calling me human? I'm pretty sure you're as human as me, am i wrong?" He said with a more serious tone as he rips off the sleeve from where its already cut and wraps it very tight around the wound. Because of what he had done to himself to boost the ability his healing process was damaged and it would take longer to heal, making it a pain every time he would get injured.
Depending on what the stranger would answer he would decide what to think and possibly do to him. The only reason he didn't try to kill the beast was because he would be torn to bits if he tried, maybe that was the same with this guy.


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Re: I'm getting tired of replacing suits - Damien

Indlæg by Gæst on Man 1 maj - 0:38

He scoffed at the humans attempt to justify his actions. Little did he know, Damien didn’t care about what reason that was put for the fight. He was just surprised that he for once had actually helped someone. He didn’t want to repeat this sort of mistake, not because some vampire doctor believed that there was good in him. There was nothing good in him, nothing but darkness. He looked at the human, but avoided the eyes, noticing the cheery happy attitude that was annoying him. “You smile and laugh, it’s annoying.” He simply stated as his gaze fell to the ground, yet he was looking at the man in the corner of his eye.
Damien… You cannot trust him. Be wary of him.” She warned him in his mind, but it felt like she was standing behind him, that he could feel her cold non-existing breath against his neck as her poisoned words filled his mind. He shook his head and started rubbing his neck carefully. But her words made him wary, he lifted his gaze to at least look at the shirt of the man, just to be sure that no sneak attacks could happen. Then he turned his attention to answer the question that the guy asked. “Well.. I could tell you if I want to, but I don’t really. You’re too reckless, almost dangerous, untrustworthy, you almost lost a fight with the guy. Making me save you. Making me do good, something I never wanted.” He repeated from before and let his hand fall to the ground. As the werewolf had finished the flask, it got up on it’s feet before walking back to Damien, standing by his side.
The real question isn’t how. Or why. Because I don’t really know how or why he bows to my will. He just does. You know what they also do? They abide my every wish. Even the ones they don’t really want to. It doesn’t matter, because they don’t have a bodily will anymore. They're slaves, imprisoned in their minds as their body succumb to my will... Poor souls.” He then said as his eyes seemed to shift, moving from the ground and up to meet the humans. Damien seemed different now, more steady and collected. All in the matter of seconds.
The werewolf lifted it’s arm, the malnutrition was as bright as day. All while the human was complaining about his clothes – That Damien had no knowledge of anyway, so he wouldn’t care much for the anger, instead he thought of something else. He thought of how he had never been good at feeding his companions, at least not anything else but blood. It was good for vampires, because it was their lifesource. But other creatures? It was difficult to keep humans alive on blood only. Werewolfs seemed to barely make it through only on blood. He sighed as his thoughts about feeding them were starting to bore him. The human questioned how he knew that he was human. He smiled lightly. “An equal to that demon wouldn’t have been cut.” He simply replied, though with a different more confident tone. He turned his gaze from the human to the werewolf, just to avert the attention. He looked back at the human, just to make sure that he was watching.
All of a sudden, the werewolf grabbed it’s own finger, one by one and bend them all the way back, barely flinching as loud unnerving cracks echoed through the alley. When the little show off was over, Damien frowned unsatisfied by it all. It wasn’t enough. He knew that it was hurting the creature, but it wasn’t hurting it enough. He stared at the hand but then glanced at the human as an idea sparked in his mind.
Tell me what to do to him. Anything, anything at all. I will show you that he’ll do it. He'll do whatever. They always do.” He said before poking the temple of the werewolf. This was all but a game to him. He found it amusing, watching the own extend of his ability.

// Sorry for the crappy answer, hope it'll work out anyway


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Re: I'm getting tired of replacing suits - Damien

Indlæg by Gæst on Tirs 2 maj - 1:46

It was quite the first impression from the random stranger, coming in to save the day with his wolf boy pet thingy. But he seemed to have a bad day, either that or had a phobia against laughter. "Oh well excuse me, couldn't stop myself" He said with a slightly surprised tone. Not the best starter to the conversation but it was fine, he did just do him a solid so he was going to go in this with a good vibe, at least for now.

Then the stranger responded but he did not answer his question which was slightly annoying to him. "Alright, fair enough i guess.. Reckless, yeah i suppose, dangerous, true, but i wouldn't go far enough to say i'm untrustworthy. I am actually a very honest person, youknow i don't always tell the whole truth, but i never lie. I wasn't about to loose the fight, not for certain anyway, and why do you care if i did? I didn't make you do anything, that's on you." The way the stranger spoke to him just made him confused to why he saved him, he was obviously not a good guy, not to all creatures at least, he had mind control or something over the wolf. But he just appreciated that, friendly or not at least he had a filthy creature under control and not a human.

He watched as the wolf walked back to the stranger's side like it was some house pet, he had seen nothing like it before, it was so odd but in a good way, it was fascinating. It was the first time actually seeing a werewolf in its form, he had killed some before, but there were all in their human form, making it an easy task to kill them. What he said was cryptic and didn't say anything other than it was some kind of mind control and maybe that he felt bad for them? It was hard to tell, and personally he didn't really care about how he felt about it, he didn't know him nor was he useful so why get invested? Yeah he could mind control people but what good is that if he himself is a lone wolf so to speak, the guy screamed loner, he didn't look him in the eyes until now and he seemed to be in a shitty mood. But then again he didn't know what was going on in his life, he could be totally wrong, but he did have experience in reading people so he couldn't be too far off.

Then when i mentioned him not being an equal to a demon it made him slightly angry. "What's that supposed to mean? Of course i am no equal to that filth, i could have killed him before he knew i was there but whats the point in that? It's so much more satisfying feeling the rush as you end someones existence. You're supposed to enjoy it." He had a frustrating tone as he was not liking the fact that he just compared his worth to that thing.
He followed his gaze to the to werewolf as if he was being shown something, but he didn't know what. Until it started, finger after finger, snapping them the opposite direction, and as each crack was heard his smile got wider and wider. When it stopped he looked to the stranger with an unsatisfied face, hoping the show was not over. But when he got to choose what to do it was like being a child again, no one had given him a present like this before. "Really?! Well i better make it good then." He said with a really happy tone as he started thinking about different stuff for the wolf to do. No idea seemed to be good enough, but eventually he stopped with one. "I got it, make it carve its name deep into its arm. I'm kinda curious to know what its called." He said with an eager voice, excited to see it actually happen.


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Re: I'm getting tired of replacing suits - Damien

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