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This is temporary - Niella

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This is temporary - Niella

Indlæg by Gæst on Man 10 apr - 18:15

Time: Shortly after sundown.
Place: South in Ashen wood forest.
Surroundings: Nature.
Weather: Slight fog.
Attire: But more raggy and dirty.
Dedicated to: @Niella

As soon as the sun had sunken down he grabbed his doctors bag and headed out towards the forest as quickly as he could, there was only a few hours he could be outside so he had to make it last. The bag had been restocked with something suited for one task alone, because there was only one reason for him to go out this night and that was so he could keep his thirst in check for the future.

The bad was filled with empty bags and two types of syringes, one type was a sedative the other was empty. The plan was simple, seeing as he was never going to kill something to feed himself, he had to apply an alternative. As people could create big problems if he did this to them, the only choice would be animals. So he would have to track them get them to the ground, use the sedative to calm them down, and then fill the bags with blood, leaving enough for the animals to get up and walk way afterwards. The only side effect would be that they were lightheaded after the blood loss and sedative, leaving them more open to other prey.
Another thing he had to be on guard for was the packs living around these parts, after speaking to Tatia that time he learned that these woods were the territory of certain shapeshifters. And he had a feeling they would not appreciate him hunting on their lands.

After a short while of taking blood has was almost half finished, having the enhances speed and eyes of a vampire really came in handy for the job. But as he lets on of the animals go he smells something entirely different, it was shapeshifter blood. Were they finally on to him? Should he leave now before trouble arrived, there was no mistaking the smell, it was clearly that of a shapeshifter. But seeing as it was blood he smelled, they could be in trouble, or in need of assistance.
He pondered on it a short while before the doctor in him eventually got the better of him and made him go towards the scent, getting stronger as he got closer. It was barely a minute later when he saw her stumble around, seemed to be struggling with walking, and the blood... it was more than he expected, making it hard for him to approach her. "Hello? How hurt are you?" he exclaimed with concern in his voice, but despite that, he was more concerned that the blood would make him do something stupid again. He was hungry, but not starving, the filled bags could be used but that would be a huge waste as he was planning something else with them. Depending on how wounded she was he was going to keep his distance, but if it was serious and even fatal he was going to have to tend it and just do it best to suppress his thirst.


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Re: This is temporary - Niella

Indlæg by Gæst on Tirs 11 apr - 12:28

Var hun virkeligt igang med dette? Tankerne havde fløjet rundt i hovedet på hende, de sidste mange dage. Nogle mere end andre, men det havde aldrig gjordt hun havde ændret sig, indtil denne nat.
De spinkle arme havde svunget sig selv omkring hendes hoved, med nogle få skrig i skoven. Hun var endnu ikke kommet til skade, hvis folk begyndte at tro det, men hendes tanker var.
'' When is this gonna stop! '' Et højt skrig forlod hendes læber, inden hun gav sig til at råbe ud i skovens stilhed. '' I DON'T WANT ENY OF THIS. I JUST WANT TO BE WITH MY FAMILY! '' Ganske rigtigt, ønskede hun blot at være en del af sin familie igen, men ikke en mulighed der var mulig.
Både hendes mor og far dræbt for nyeligt. Ikke en ting hun ikke var glad for, men samtidigt savnede hun dem.
'' Oh, you can have it. If you just do something for me in return. '' De gule øjne fra Niella, vendte sig et par gange, før blikket helt rettet sig imod spøgelset foran hende. Det var hendes første gang til at se et helt rigtigt spøgelse. '' What. What do you want me to do.. '' Man kunne tydeligt høre frygten i Niellas stemme, men hendes krop viste ikke en mine. '' Oh, i just want you to kill .. '' '' No. '' Spøgelset havde dårligt nok færdig gjort sin sætning, før Niella allerede havde svaret på hendes komando. '' I'm not gonna kill others for you fun. '' '' You will my love.. You will some day. '' Inden spøgelset forlod hendes side, lod den overraskende en kniv flyve i siden på Niella. Korrekt nok kunne de ikke røre mennesker, men de havde kontrollen til at styre objekter.
Et skrig forlod igen Niellas læber, mere så hun ikke af spøgelset, da det forsvandt foran øjne på hende. Niella så ingen større udvej end at trække kniven ud af hende. Forhåbentlig ville hun heale hurtigere end et menneske, men en så stor viden på shapeshifter havde hun egentlig ikke. Med en hurtig bevægelse, fik hun trukket sig selv nok op til at kunne gå igen. Gåbevægelserne var dog ikke naturlig. Med en hånd ved siden, ved blodet og en hånd for at finde støtte mulige steder der var slog hendes blik op da en vampyr stod foran hende. '' Don't you even see that? And you are a vampire. '' Niella fjernede hurtigt hånden fra såret, inden hun udgav et kæmpe skrig, der lød helt nede fra lungerne af. Smerterne var stadig ret store.


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Re: This is temporary - Niella

Indlæg by Gæst on Tirs 11 apr - 22:51

As he got closer it seemed like there was a faint voice, but when he arrived there was only one person, a girl. He could see that she was bleeding badly, and the strong scent backed that up, this was a shapeshifter, no mistaking that smell. He heard what she said and it was clear that she was in distress, the wound was hurting her badly and if it was not tended she would eventually die of blood loss.  

The bags he had could be used as a minor blood transfusion if things got bad but that was risky with animal blood, even in small doses so it was going to be a last resort. He started approaching but the closer her got the more it was hard to stay concentrated at the task at hand, he was already on edge after taking all the blood from the animals without feeding on them. And now that something with a lot more quantity and quality comes along, making it a lot harder to stay in control. He had already broken the barrier of killing someone because of his hunger before, so it would be easier to do it again.

"Relax, I'm here to help, I'm a doctor." He said with a calm voice, ignoring that she called him a vampire,  there was no need to get into that, as along as he could control himself it didn't matter what he was, he was there to help her and only that. When he got to her he crouched down to check on the wound she had in her side. "This is going to hurt a bit but just hang in there" He said looking up at her before he started to lift her clothes up to expose the wound so he could see what he was dealing with. It was bleeding fast, it was deep but seeing as she didn't have trouble breathing the lungs were intact and seeing as she could still stand it was doubtful that any organs were damaged, leaving it to be a flesh wound, but a dangerous one at that. Her blood was warm and had a pure smell, he was so close he could almost taste it, and he really wanted to. The fangs were down from hiding, she was not as hurt as he anticipated, meaning she could survive loosing a bit more blood.

The human side of him made him avoid chomping her side and instead unwrapped the short scarf he had around his neck and pressed it against her wound. "It's not that bad, as long as we keep a pressure on it until we get somewhere i can get supplies, i can patch it up in no time." His voice was more distant, looking away from her to avoid things getting out of control. But even so there was a very faint unintentional growling in his breathing. He was not far from breaking his self control.


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Re: This is temporary - Niella

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